Lidya Mining was formed in July 2010 after the first major international partnership in Turkish mining between Alacer Gold and Çalık Group in August 2009. As part of the deal, Lidya earned-in 20% of Çöpler Gold Mine and 50% of a large exploration portfolio.

While Çöpler started its oxide operations in 2011, partners formed 50/50 JV companies to develop other projects in Turkey. Lidya assumed the operation of Polimetal Madencilik in 2012 to explore gold and copper in 50-50 properties across Turkey.

Lidya team under Polimetal have discovered the project in Balıkesir in the second year of exploration operations, May 2013. The property was brought 50-50 till DFS stage and partners signed a deal recently on consolidating the project under Lidya 100%. 

In 2014 Aegean Metal, later became Mariana Resources, approached Lidya for an earn-in deal on Hod Maden licenses. Lidya earned-in 70% of the property against an exploration programme that stunned mining community with significant drill results in early 2015.

While Lidya was busy with these discoveries and developments, Alacer successfully operated Çöpler oxides and built the sulfide plant to turn the mine into one of the biggest gold mines in Europe.

After a decade in mining, Lidya is now part of Çöpler success story, managed 2 significant discoveries and developed these projects, partners with 2 reputable North American mining corporations, well connected with international mining community and financial institutions and now building a portfolio of gold&copper properties in Central Asia, Balkans and Africa, in pursuit of its vision to become the most valuable and reputable mining company in Eurasia.