Occupational Health, Safety and the Environment

Lidya Madencilik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. is a mining company founded for the purposes of mine prospecting and operating and embraces a sustainable mining approach that complies with the national and international standards.

Aware of our social responsibility, we improve our performance by investing in people, information and technology with our approach and understanding sensitive to the society, our employees and the environment and aim to reach the goals set out in the frame of this principle which we will be reviewing at certain intervals in order to provide the necessary updates after changing conditions.

To reach our goals while conducting our mining activities as all Lidya Madencilik San. ve Tic. A.Ş. employees, including the contractors, suppliers and visitors, we will provide;

  • A proper & competent personnel selection for an occupational health and safety that provides efficient and continuous development,
  • Complete following of the legal regulations related to occupational health, safety and the environment, other requirements and the determined operation standards,
  • Supporting and sustaining of a proactive culture by developing and applying a management system where occupational health and safety risks and environmental effects are identified, evaluated and managed on every level,
  • Building a sensitive communication which will include public institutions, the public and other stakeholders for effectively applicable decisions and precautions,
    Procurement of all equipment and systems required to ensure safe and environmentally-conscious working conditions under which the company employees, including contractors and suppliers, can work in cooperation,
  • Ensuring of the most possibly efficient usage and maximum protection of labor, nature and other resources with the method and technology usage applied within the company and its plants,
    Integration of all matters of occupational health, safety and the environment within all of our company activities,
  • Bringing of the terrain possibly affected by the activities back to nature and the creating, conducting and monitoring of the budgets and plans required for their closing,
    Taking of the precautions necessary to minimize the waste amount in our company and plants, prevent its pollution, actualize its recycling and reusage and ensuring of separate collection of the waste at their source,
  • Readiness for cases of occupational health, safety and environmental events and emergencies and the developing and applying of effective intervention systems for minimum damage in case these events occur.